Sunny Side vs. Over Easy Egg fry

Sunny Side vs. Over Easy Egg fry

Eggs are the perfect source of protein and fantastic food to have at the start of your day. You get about 130-150 calories just from consuming one single egg. Cooking sunny side vs over easy egg fry may change the calories and how it tastes.

Throughout the course of history, eggs have been our constant breakfast buddy, hard-boiled, hard scrambled, and soft scrambled, over medium, over hard, omelet, frittatas, and so many more but nothing beats fried eggs. Fried eggs will always be superior! 

Nothing compares to the satisfying feeling you get when you look at ‘egg-cellently’ fried eggs. The texture, the vivid colors starting with the white fried part with crispy edges which gives a salty taste and ticks your tongue with a mild pungent smell.

And the dark yellow yolk which bursts as soon as you pierce it through your fork, tasting much more pungent, much raw with a strong searing unique flavor. In this article, we will discuss about sunny side fried eggs and over-easy fried eggs and see who wins the battle of Sunny Side vs. Over Easy Egg fry. If you are a fan of fried eggs check out this article to see fried egg-side which style wins.

‘Sunny Side Up fry’ over ‘Over Easy Egg fry’

Sunny side up

If you have been to a restaurant during breakfast or brunch hours you must have heard the waiter calling out “Sir how would you like your eggs?” and if you are one of those who calls out “Sunny-side for me please!” then you have certainly decided over your bias egg fry style.

Sunny side up is for people who love challenges and thrills in life. The perfect sunny side up egg is hard to find, worth the wait, extremely delicious, and completely worth the risk. Sunny side up eggs are fried only on one side, the yolk which refers to the ‘sunny side’ never touches the hot oil pan.

The white part is fried till the side facing the oil changes to a brownish tint with a frizzled flavor, while the yolk is completely liquid and runny. The most exciting thing about sunny side is that the egg cannot be too crispy around the edges, should be very delicate with a barely fried side and an undercooked top side.

Best goes with:

Sunny Side eggs are perfect for dipping the yolk with toast or bread. Try them with toast with butter or toast and avocados. Waffles are also a good choice to have sunny side eggs with.

‘Over Easy Fry’ over ‘Sunny Side up fry’

Many of us want both sides of our eggs fried. People who love delicacy at its finest, are a fan of the soft fried texture and want to taste the crisp as well as the runny yellow yolk, over easy side egg fry are just for them.

It takes a lot of practice and patience to master frying on both sides of the eggs while managing to keep the yolk ‘sunshine’ moist, viscous, and hidden inside. Many of us have passionately tried and failed in attempting to fry it perfectly. 

The temperature of the oil is a big factor for frying over easy side fried eggs. The eggs should not be too well done on either side. You need to flip quickly before the oil starts to harden the yolk.

People who prefer over-easy sides also have different preferences when it comes to the viscosity of the yolk. Some want it to be as soft and liquid as it can be, while others want the yolk to have a fried layer of white albumen portion of the top.

Best goes with

There are a variety of options to have them with. Bacon, salami, salad, bread, and even continental food. Over easy fried eggs go will all of types of food.

Tips for Cooking Perfect Sunny Side Fried Eggs

  • Instead of cooking it with oil, it is highly encouraged to heat your pan with butter
  • Set your stove to medium heat. The flame intensity is a crucial factor for getting the perfect flavor.
  • You will know that the pan has reached the perfect temperature when the butter starts to dissipate in your pan be careful not to let your butter turn brown.
  • Crack your eggs and gently pour it over the butter
  • The butter from the bottom of the pan is used to cook the top of the egg using a spoon. This is known as basting
  • Basting allows you to have full control of how moist and raw you want your top-side to be.
  • After you are done gently lift your egg with a wide spatula and drain off the excess butter.

Tips for Cooking Perfect Over easy Side Fried Eggs

  • Gently warm your sauce-pan with butter, you can also spray a bit of canola or vegetable oil over butter to get rid of the buttery scent
  • Tap and crack your eggs into your saucepan
  • Once the outer white is set, you can season it according to your preferences. You can add pepper or a pinch of salt or even both
  • Instead of flipping, gently add a few tablespoons of water around the eggs and at the center of your saucepan
  • Cover the pan with a lid and allow the heat to settle it
  • You will soon see a white layer forming on top of the yolk
  • When the yolk is completely clouded over by a white layer, turn off the heat and remove the eggs gently from the pan.

Bottom Line

Just as people have different favorite flavors for ice cream, their choice for egg styles varies too. Some people like sunny sides because they like to cut them on top of freshly made hash browns, while others prefer both sides softly fried. But if time is a factor, sunny sides will undoubtedly win as it takes the least time to prepare.

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